Rolling Offset Joint

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A Rolling Offset Joint creates two miter joints to offset a pipe by a specified amount.

The two end pipes run parallel.

Two templates are generated, one for the middle 'offset' section and one that can be used for both end pipes.

Parameter Constraints:

Joint Name:  name of this joint which is unique to this project or currently opened joints

Pipe OD: (Outside Diameter) must be a positive number

Pipe Wall: (Wall Thickness) must be a positive number, less than half Pipe OD

Run: length of rolling offset

Set: height of rolling offset

Roll: width of rolling offset


Additional output fields labeled Offset and Miter are provided for the user's convenience.

Offset is the calculated distance between the two parallel end pipes, measured perpendicular to the pipes.   sqrt(set^2 + roll^2)

Miter is the angle to cut the ends of the pipe to create this joint.