Interference Joint

interference joint

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The Interference Joint is the intersection of two pipes where one pipe needs to be notched to allow them to pass.

Two templates are created. One for the notch in the Notched Pipe and another for the optional hole in the primary pipe which opens to the interior of the notched pipe.


Parameter Constraints:

Joint Name:  name of this joint which is unique to this project or currently opened joints

Primary OD: (Outside Diameter) must be a positive number

Primary Wall: (Wall Thickness) must be a positive number, less than half Header OD

Notched OD: must be a positive number. Either the Primary or Notched pipe can be larger.

Notched Wall: must be a positive number, less than half Branch OD

Branch Angle: more than 0 deg. and no more than 90 deg.

90 deg. is a perpendicular joint
0 deg. is not allowed since the pipes would be parallel.

Lateral Offset: Any positive or negative distance that the branch can be moved sideways where the interior of the notched pipe intersects the primary pipe.  If you want less offset so that the branch pipe runs through the larger primary pipe, use an Branch Joint.

Joint Construction:

Only surface joints are allowed where the notched pipe sets on the surface of the primary pipe.