Please install the latest version of the software.

If you can not find an answer to your question below, you may contact support [at] for support, or use the online form.

Note that some major Windows updates will require you to generate a new license.  Follow the directions below for updating your license after an upgrade.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the license transfer to a different computer if I want to upgrade PCs?

How do I update my license after upgrading Windows?

No problem, you will not lose your license. It is expected that occasionally you will want to upgrade your PC hardware. If you need to transfer the license to a different computer you just install the software (a free download) on the new computer and then return to the website. Log in using the username assigned to you when you purchased the license and follow the same procedure you used the first time to claim your license after your initial purchase. (On the website, click 'My licenses' under the 'User Functions' menu once you are logged in.) You will need the Install Code from the new PC running Digital Pipe Fitter (menu item: Options/License)

There is a limit on how many license you can create in order to limit fraud. If you have an unusual circumstance, contact technical support support.

Also, remember that a purchased license will work on all future versions of the basic Digital Pipe Fitter product. With Digital Pipe Fitter, you get free upgrades when new versions come out with new features. Just install a new version on your computer and the license will still be working.

You are under contractual agreement to have printing enabled on only one PC at a time for each purchased license.

Where is my Install Code?

If you just purchased a license and are looking for your Install Code you can find it under the Options/License menu item in the Digital Pipe Fitter software running on the PC you want to license. To use that Install Code to generate a license, use the Licenses tab in your account settings section of this website.

Do you ship a CD?

We don't ship a CD because Digital Pipe Fitter is not a static product and is having features and capabilities added. Your purchased license applies to all future upgrades which are freely downloadable from the website. So, any CD we could send would be outdated in a few months anyway. If you need to reinstall Digital Pipe Fitter, just download the most recent version from

I want to run Digital Pipe Fitter on several computers but only one PC is connected to the printer. How many license do I need to purchase?

The licensing of Digital Pipe Fitter is a bit different from most commercial software. The program itself, that you can freely download from the website is basically freeware. It can be legally copied, shared, given away. So, you can install in on as may computers as you like. The unlicensed installation acts nearly identical to the licensed installation except it can not print. To enable this program to print to a printer you need a license. However, non-licensed installations can be used for development and the designs can be saved as a file which can be loaded by the licensed machine to print.

Obviously, we at Templagenics LLC would love for you to purchase a license for each designer in your office. But for small businesses it may make economic sense to only have one license and use that machine for printing.

What is your Refund Policy?

Since you can download Digital Pipe Fitter and see what it does before purchasing a license it is unlikely that you will be surprised by its feature set. Please download it and see if it does what you need it to do before purchasing it. If there is an issue with the templates it generates, please contact us so that the issue can be resolved for the benefit of both for yourself and other users. If we are unable to resolve your issue, contact support [at] for a refund procedure.