Download Digital Pipe Fitter

This FREE download is the complete Digital Pipe Fitter program.  You may download and test this software on your computer for free.  The only limitation is that it will not print most templates without a purchased license

Please read the License Agreement before downloading.

Also read the Installation Instructions

Current Version:

>> Download Digital Pipe Fitter, v 1.92a

Version 1.92a is mostly a bug fix for issues with the Node Joint and Reducing Turn Joint. It also addes keyboard shortcuts for 3D preview mode to view joint from the (ctrl-y) top, (ctrl-g) side, and (ctrl-j) end. Press twice to view from the other side.

 Please report any issues you have with version 1.92a to support [at]

View past releases and see what has changed.

System requirements:

  •   Pentium class CPU or better
  •   Windows XP® or Vista® or Windows 7®  or Windows 8®  or Windows 10® (A 32bit program that runs on either 32bit or 64bit versions of Windows.)
  •   Direct3D 9 or above (This is the standard configuration for most current Windows systems.  Run dxdiag.exe on your PC to check your version.)
  •   Any Printer with a Windows printer driver to print templates.

Please give your feedback to support [at]