Installation Instructions

Digital Pipe Fitter is distributed as a self-extracting executable. The most recent version may be downloaded here.

Log onto your computer as administrator and then run the downloaded file.

The install program will install the Digital Pipe Fitter program. The default location is "c:/program files/digital pipe fitter" or "C:\Program Files (x86)\Digital Pipe Fitter\dpipefit.exe" depending on your version of Windows.

The install program will also associate the .pcj file extension to Digital Pipe Fitter and create a shortcut on the Start menu and on the desktop of the current user. If you want to make Digital Pipe Fitter visible to other users on your PC, you can create shortcuts on their desktops to "c:/program files (x86)/digital pipe fitter/dpipefit.exe"

When you purchase a license, you are granted rights to create one license key for one PC. That license key is valid for any and all user account on that PC.

On Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 , when you enter a license key to activate printing, that activation key will only be valid for the user you are logged in as when you enter that license. You will have to enter that same license key for each user that wishes to use the licensed features of Digital Pipe Fitter.

On Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 , if you are in a user account when starting the install, Windows will ask you to log in as an administrator to complete the install. As a result the desktop icon and start menu entry will be installed in that administrator account and not in the user account you might expect it to be installed in. The user can still run Digital Pipe Fitter but you will have to create the desktop and start menu shortcuts to it for the user as you wish.

On Windows XP, when you enter a license key to activate printing, you need to be logged into an administrator account. Once entered, the license is valid for all accounts on that PC.