Mitered Node

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The Mitered Node Joint is identical to the Node Joint except the header pipe of the Node joint is replaced with a miterd header. One use of this joint would be at the peak of a truss rafter. This node of the rafter is often constructed from a mitered larger pipe with smaller branch joints coming off of it.

The only difference in the interface for this joint over the Node Joint is the Miter Angle parameter in the parameter window. This angle must be larger than 0 and less than 360 deg. 90deg is a perpendicular miter. 180deg is a butt joint.

This joint will create two header tempates instead of one.

See Node Joint for more details.

Creative Uses:

N-furcation: Like a Y joint but with multiple branches.

Construction Type should be Aligned. At least two pipes must be the same size. These two pipes are the base miter which the joint is built on.