Bevel Joint

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A Bevel Joint is the intersection of a pipe and a flat plate. 

Two templates can be generated, one for the pipe and an optional template for a hole in the plate.

Parameter Constraints:

Joint Name:  name of this joint which is unique to this project or currently opened joints

Pipe OD: (Outside Diameter) must be a positive number

Pipe Wall: must be a positive number, less than half Pipe OD

Plate Thick: must be a positive number

Bevel Angle: more than 0 deg. and no more than 90 deg.

90deg is perpendicular to the plate (a straight cut of the pipe)
0deg is not allowed since the pipe and plate would never fully intersect.

Joint Construction:

On Surface: The end of the pipe rests on the near surface of the plate. An optional plate template can be generated to create a hole through the plate based on the interior diameter of the pipe.

On Far Surface: The end of the pipe extends through a hole in the plate.  The pipe is cut such that its end aligns with the far surface of the plate.

All the Way Through: The pipe extends all the way through a hole in the plate.  No cut template is generated for the pipe.

Joint Construction Notes:

For an "On Far Surface" construction, the plate template is sized to fit snug around the cut end of the pipe. If cut accurately, there will not be a gap between the pipe and plate no matter what the configuration.

Use an "All the Way Through" cut to create a hole in the plate that will allow the pipe to slide completely through the plate.

Creative Uses:

Use this joint with a Bevel Angle of 90 degrees to create a straight cut pipe end to be used as one end of a Union Joint where a specific length of pipe is needed.