Custom Pipe Sizes

A custom pipe size file can be loaded using the menu item: "Options/Load Custom Pipe Sizes...". Below is the description of that file so you can create custom pipe sizes that will appear in the drop down boxes for parameter entry. It is best to start with a valid file created with the menu item: "Options/Save Default Pipe Sizes...". This will save a comma delimited file that is editable with either a text editor or a spreadsheet program. After editing the file, load it into Digital Pipe Fitter using the menu item: "Options/Load Custom Pipe Sizes...".

Pipe Sizes file format

first few lines of the default pipe sizes file

"name","OD","units","Sch. 5","Sch. 10","Sch. 20","Sch. 30","Std. Weight","Sch. 40","Sch. 60","Extra Strong","Sch. 80","Sch. 100","Sch. 120","Sch. 140","Sch. 160","XXS"
"NPS 1/2""",0.84,"in",0.065,0.083,0.083,0.095,0.109,0.109,-1,0.147,0.147,-1,0.17,-1,0.188,0.294
"DN 15",21.34,"mm",1.651,2.108,2.108,2.413,2.769,2.769,-1,3.734,3.734,-1,4.318,-1,4.775,7.468
"NPS 3/4""",1.05,"in",0.065,0.083,0.083,0.095,0.113,0.113,-1,0.154,0.154,-1,0.17,-1,0.219,0.308
"DN 20",26.67,"mm",1.651,2.108,2.108,2.413,2.87,2.87,-1,3.912,3.912,-1,4.318,-1,5.563,7.823


  • Comma delimited text file with double quotes around non-numbers.
  • Use "" to designate a " within a quoted field. 
  • The first line specifies the field names. "name","OD","units" followed by a list of schedules as they will appear in the wall thickness dropdown.
  • Following the first line are sets of two lines for each pipe OD size. The first showing inches and the second showing that same pipe OD in mm.
  • Field "name": the name that will appear in the dropdown for the pipe OD parameter.
  • Field "OD": the outside diameter of this pipe in the units show in the next field.
  • Field "units": either "in" or "mm". All numbers in this line are using the units specified. Any "in" line must be followed by it's equivalent "mm" line.
  • Additional fields are wall thicknesses for each of the pipe schedules desciribed in the first line of the file. Use -1 to indicate that this schedule for this pipe OD is not valid.
  • Sets of lines can be inserted or deleted and will be displayed in the order that they appear in this file.