Digital Pipe Fitter Features

Just some of the many featurs of Digital Pipe Fitter:

  • Easy to use Windows application
  • Many joints and miters to choose from
  • Joints include pipes, cones and flat plates
  • Options for beveled cuts, straight cuts and hand beveled cuts
  • Optimized through the wall layouts to make tight fitting joint
  • Unwrap the template for flat stock to roll your own pipe joints
  • Reverse the template so that it can be applied to the inside of a pipe section
  • Instant and transparent interopability between English and Metric units
  • Combine multiple joints on one template
  • Colored, zoomable previews of templates
  • 3D rendered view of joint can be viewed from any angle
  • 3D rendered view can be taken apart (exploded) to view inside the joint
  • Can print to any printer that Windows® recognizes
  • Exports template graphics to Autocad® DXF files
  • Prints report with measurement needed for hand layout of cutline
  • Saves groups of joints together in one project file
  • Visual selection of the joint type you want
  • Setting adjusts printout to compensate for template thickness
  • Multiple joint constructions for most joints (allows surface, or through joints).
  • Modular software design makes adding additional joints possible

Digital Pipe Fitter has an extensive list of features but is very easy to use.  Just fill in the parameters and print a template.  Advanced features like combining multiple joints on one template do not clutter up the interface but are available as a separate and special type of joint.